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...Without Action, knowledge is futile."

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    Back on Track Pack

    4 Week introduction (12 sessions) of App Workouts
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • The ultimate guide to getting on track with healthy habits
    • Guide on healthy sustainable changes to your nutrition
    • Get in shape and become more mobile all at once
    • Tips on how to create change both in and out of the gym
    • 4 weeks of unlimited use of our App to get yourself moving.
    • e-Recipe book of meal ideas to get your nutrition on point
  • Movement and Mindset

    Every week
    3x group workouts per week uploaded to our App
    • Workouts for the week uploaded each Monday
    • Recipe and Meal Ideas PDF to help you lock down nutrition
    • Private login to our Mindful Movement app
    • Supplementary Tutorial videos for each and every exercise
    • Track each step of your training to celebrate each success
  • Platinum Coaching

    Every week
    Tailored 1-2-1 Coaching for both Mind and Body.
    • Fitness and Body Mechanics assessed regularly
    • Bespoke Training Plan formulated with weekly adjustments
    • Mindset coaching to work alongside your training
    • Day to day Whatsapp support
    • 3 new tailored 45 minute workouts sent out each week
    • Personalised Diet parameters and Nutrition coaching
    • Master your Mind material to win each day
    • Stretch/Mobility drills to work at and master
    • Supplementary Tutorial videos to work alongside Workouts
    • Full access and private login to our App
    • Track training, nutrition and habits to celebrate each step
    • 1-2-1 Weekly Skype video with your coach
  • 12 week Contest Prep

    Train for your big fight or wedding.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Tailored nutritional education aimed at your target weight.
    • How to make the most from a weigh in.
    • Support through email from our 35-fight ex professional.
    • Build Power and Explosiveness with our S+C program.
    • Body mechanics tested through video support.
    • Striking technique analysed and improved through video.
    • Access to our full Forum for support.
    • Mobility drills to improve your body mechanics and recover.
    • 'Shedding for your Wedding' targets an eye on your big day.